This course is for everyone. I really wanted to address what I feel everyone in the world should know about sharks – not only for their own personal safety, so that they can have healthier, more respectful interactions with sharks and the ocean. But also, I hope people are inspired to help save the lives of sharks. With this information, I hope people will learn to appreciate sharks for their role as apex predators.

Ocean Ramsey's Guide to Sharks and Safety

This is the end-all, be-all digital course for shark behavior and safety. World renowned researcher and conservationist Ocean Ramsey explains critical information to minimize the potential for adverse shark encounters and maximize appreciation of sharks in her exclusive online course spanning 20+ video lessons. Learn about shark personalities, shark language, and practical tips to keep safe if you encounter a shark - and what to do in the highly unlikely scenario that a shark bites you. If you want to learn more about sharks and safety, the buck stops here. Get early access pricing for a limited time.

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