Kimi Werner's Guide to Self-Sufficient Cooking

World-class chef, champion spearfisher, and new mother Kimi Werner shares a lifetime of knowledge in her guide to sustainable living. Learn to scale, gut, and fillet a fish, source ingredients, and prepare meals more sustainably. Kimi shares three of her favorite recipes designed to waste nothing, extend the life of your harvest, and maximize appreciation for every bite. Enjoy meals like never before.
4 mins
Why These Dishes and This Kitchen?
3 mins
Sustainable Eating
What Is "Sustainability?"
9 mins
Why Sustainable Eating Is Important
5 mins
Kimi's Food Philosophy
5 mins
Kimi's Guide to Sustainable Consumption Worksheet
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The Journey
Part 1: Girl Holding a Spear
15 mins
Part 2: Anything Is Possible
12 mins
The Fundamentals
How to Scale and Gut a Fish
9 mins
How To Make Boneless, Skinless Fillets
13 mins
How to Scale and Gut a Fish Worksheet
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Kimi's Noodle Soup
How to Prepare Kimi's Noodle Soup and Waste Nothing
23 mins
Kimi's Noodle Soup Worksheet
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Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberries
Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberries
18 mins
Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberry Worksheet
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Kimi's Steamed Whole Fish With Fresh Herbs
How to Prepare a Whole Fish
13 mins
Kimi's Steamed Whole Fish Worksheet
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Concluding Thoughts
Kimi's Guide to Empowered Eating Quiz
Concluding Thoughts
3 mins