Kimi Werner's Guide to Self-Sufficient Cooking by Inspire Courses

Kimi Werner's Guide to Self-Sufficient Cooking

World-class chef, champion spearfisher, and new mother Kimi Werner shares a lifetime of knowledge in her guide to sustainable living. Learn to scale, gut, and fillet a fish, source ingredients, and prepare meals more sustainably. Kimi shares three of her favorite recipes designed to waste nothing, extend the life of your harvest, and maximize appreciation for every bite. Enjoy meals like never before.

Live more sustainably by reconnecting with your food.

"If we really want to make a big difference on the footprint we’re leaving on this planet, examining how we eat is a good first step." - Kimi Werner

"It’s what we all have in common. We might not all surf or we might not all dive, but we all eat."

"I just started imagining flavors together and textures together, and I just realized that cranberries, pesto, and fish could all be best friends." - Kimi
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"Kimi has always inspired me, and her course has really helped me feel more confident when preparing whole fish. My favorite part is how she exemplifies how to be completely sustainable (using every part of the creatures we prepare). I'm still loving the idea of "showcasing the ribs of the fish" – something I've never even thought to do when filleting.  

I look forward to trying out more courses in the future, too! I had so much fun doing it."
- Jill
I am so stoked! I love the cranberry pesto recipe, too. She's right.  The cranberries make it just so much more fun! I've already made that dish three times now. Aloha!
- Amanda


Who is Kimi Werner's Guide to Empowered Eating for?

We'll let Kimi answer this one. Per usual, she sums it up best: "This isn’t a course just for aspiring spearfisher people or hunters. It’s for anybody who’s curious. Anybody who has absolutely any curiosity towards getting their hands a little dirty. Or anyone who wants to be just a little more self-sufficient and empowered to take these ingredients and make something of it. That can be anyone. I just love the fact that it’s not for one specific type of person or one specific type of gender. It doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s for humans. If you’re human, then this course is for you."

What will I learn in this course?

"The things you’re going to learn in this course are what you should know before you harvest anything," says Kimi. "Especially if you’re going to take a life. Why would you ever make it your goal to kill something if you don’t know what to do with it? The follow through for me is the most important part."

In this 12-chapter course, you will learn: 
  • Kimi’s philosophy and approach to sustainable food, nutrition, and consumption.
  • Kimi’s lifelong journey to becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient.
  • The optimal tools and ingredients to create great food.
  • How to properly scale, gut, and clean a fish.
  • How to cook a whole fish
  • How to use all parts of a fish. If the world uses 99% of our catch, rather than 70%, that’s a meaningful shift.
  • Tips on picking out fresh fish at the market. 
  • Three of Kimi's favorite recipes.
  • Steamed Whole Fish
  • Kimi's Noodle Soup using "the throwaway parts of the fish"
  • Basil Pesto Cranberry Stuffed Fish Fillets. This might be the best dish we've ever eaten.

Best of all, she shares tips on how to waste nothing and make the absolute most of your harvest.

Kimi also shares inspiring personal insights from her journey as a world-class chef, sustainability advocate, and champion spearfisher.

You'll also have access to downloadable .pdfs with recipe instructions as well as hand-crafted tips from Kimi.

This course does NOT include instruction on how to spearfish, freedive, or catch fish.

Please refer to the curriculum divided into chapters by topic with respective run times below for more specifics.

What do I need for this course?

Mostly just curiosity. You'll also need an internet connection. 

That said, you'll be preparing fish, so if you've recently caught, speared, or bought fish from the market (or plan to), you're in a good spot. You'll also want cooking tools. We'll be using a grill, oven, stove, broiler, and pans. Some recipes involve a blender, and we'll be working with whole fish – scaling and cleaning. Essentially, you need a kitchen, ingredients, and fish.

How long do I have access to this course?

For life, brah. If you ever have a question or want to reference something, fire it up!

In what currency is the price?

Prices are in USD.

What if I don't like it?

We really hope you love it! And we feel confident you will. There is no human on earth better suited to teach a course on sustainable fish preparation and empowered eating than  Kimi Werner. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds. If you’re on the fence, we strongly recommend that you watch the preview videos to get a sense of what the class is like before you buy.

What's included?

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4 mins
Why These Dishes and This Kitchen?
3 mins
Sustainable Eating
What Is "Sustainability?"
9 mins
Why Sustainable Eating Is Important
5 mins
Kimi's Food Philosophy
5 mins
Kimi's Guide to Sustainable Consumption Worksheet
813 KB
The Journey
Part 1: Girl Holding a Spear
15 mins
Part 2: Anything Is Possible
12 mins
The Fundamentals
How to Scale and Gut a Fish
9 mins
How To Make Boneless, Skinless Fillets
13 mins
How to Scale and Gut a Fish Worksheet
793 KB
Kimi's Noodle Soup
How to Prepare Kimi's Noodle Soup and Waste Nothing
23 mins
Kimi's Noodle Soup Worksheet
799 KB
Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberries
Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberries
18 mins
Kimi's Pesto Stuffed Fish With Cranberry Worksheet
804 KB
Kimi's Steamed Whole Fish With Fresh Herbs
How to Prepare a Whole Fish
13 mins
Kimi's Steamed Whole Fish Worksheet
799 KB
Concluding Thoughts
Kimi's Guide to Empowered Eating Quiz
Concluding Thoughts
3 mins

Learn from the best.

Kimi Werner is an award-winning chef, freediver, national champion spearfisherwoman, and recent mother. 

The ocean has long been a source of sustenance, inspiration, and adventure for Kimi Werner. As a child growing up off the grid in an isolated part of coastal Maui, she floated behind her father as he freedove for her family's primary food source. Only later as an adult on Oahu did she understand the central role the ocean would play in her life when she discovered her own passion for free diving.

Kimi went on to become the United States National Spearfishing Champion, a certified culinary chef, an award-winning artist and a sought-after speaker. Her daily life is a pure fusion of her talents, rooted in sustainability and geared towards a healthy future for our global community.