My guide to longboarding is divided into two courses depending on your level of experience. In the intro course, you’ll learn things like the importance of fin placement, etiquette and safety, how to properly wax your board, and the right way to turtle roll and get into the lineup.

In the intermediate and advanced course, you’ll learn my secret to hanging ten, my philosophy on nose-riding, the mechanics of cross-stepping, and tricky tips on hanging heels and style.

Most of all, I just want to help you have fun and be safe. I talk to a lot of surfers, both women and men, who understandably have a lot of questions when it comes to logging, and I want to share all the knowledge that I’ve gained over twenty-plus years in the water to make it easier for you and to make the lineup an even better, friendlier place.

Disclaimer: Surfing is an inherently dangerous sport and can cause injury. If you are new to surfing, The Inertia recommends that you find a mentor, assess ocean conditions carefully before entering the water, and only surf in areas patrolled by lifeguards.  

Kassia Meador's Longboarding Fundamentals

Longboarding icon Kassia Meador will get you into the lineup with proper etiquette and standing up on your first wave in no time. This course is the foundation for your surfing journey.

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