2020 Surf Fitness Course Bundle by Inspire Courses

2020 Surf Fitness Course Bundle

Ready to get surf-fit and learn to hang 10 in 2020? This bundle featuring Kassia Meador's Definitive Guide to Longboarding and Elise Carver's 3-month Surf Style Fitness Program will help you realize your goals in the water for a brand new year!

Learn to Hang 10 from a legend.

This is the end-all, be-all digital course for longboarding. Surf icon Kassia Meador explains longboarding's essentials in 25 lessons with a total run time of 91 minutes. Learn everything from fin selection and surf etiquette to hanging five, ten, and heels. If you want to learn to park ten piggies on the nose and maximize your time in the surf with a big smile, the buck stops here.

"Like getting a surf lesson from Babe Ruth."

"In my book, she’s the best female longboarder of all time. Maybe it’s the never-ending smile mixed with laughter that is so intriguing. Getting surf advice from Kass is like getting a baseball lesson from Babe Ruth. She’s a Hall of Famer that has a bigger picture outlook on life. In another lifetime, I’d like to comeback as Kassia Meador: the Queen of Surf and most epic of humans."
- Alex Gray

Get Surf Fit. Anytime. Anywhere.

We all want to feel confident and strong in the water, but with busy 9 to 5 schedules, it can be hard to log the hours we need. Enter Surf Style Training, a program focused on five key attributes of a pro surfer: core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and agility.

Used by the World's Best Surfers

“Elise’s Surf Style training is one of the best types of movements you could possibly do not only for surfing, but overall fitness. Her body philosophy is on point with what we need as athletes. Over the past few years working with her, I’ve been amazed at how much my fitness has positively changed with what she has taught me.  “
- Malia Manuel, Championship Tour Surfer

What's included?

Kassia Meador's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course

Longboarding icon Kassia Meador shares insight on advanced techniques only.

Kassia Meador's Longboarding Fundamentals

Kassia Meador details fundamental longboarding knowledge from etiquette to fin selection and placement.

Surf Style Training

Surf Style Training is a 12-week fitness program designed to improve and optimize your surf-specific fitness.