Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water by Inspire Courses

Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water

Learn to push yourself, keep calm, and manage fear in heavy surf from one of the best big wave surfers on the planet. Esteemed waterman Mark Healey teaches you how to improve your breathing, navigate barrels, and develop a mindset to survive extreme conditions from his lifetime of knowledge in the ocean.

No matter your skill level, pushing your surfing to the next level is intimidating.

Whether you're an experienced surfer at a plateau or just beginning your journey and looking for guidance from an expert, developing the mental fortitude to confidently and safely make progress in the ocean can be paralyzing.

It can also be frustrating and dangerous.

Learning to get barreled on your front- or backhand takes a lifetime. Mark has a few tricks that helped him improve overnight. Even worse, not knowing critical ocean patterns, breathing exercises, and mental frameworks drains precious energy and can threaten your safety.
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Learn to keep calm in heavy conditions and advance your surfing from a big wave icon.

"Most people will never get the chance to spend as much time in conditions of consequence as I have, so I want to share that knowledge to help students build confidence and fast-track their learning curve," says Mark Healey. "This is for beginners all the way up to advanced, because these concepts are scalable to surf size and ability. My goal with this course is to give you the tools to be able to do this on your own."
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Battle-Tested with the World's Best

"Mark is like a big brother to me. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way through him in heavy surf. He’s showed me so much about the process. As crazy as he is, he’s actually very calculated."
Billy Kemper, Big Wave World Champion
"In the water, out of the water, and under the water, Mark Healey has not just survived, but thrived through some of the most harrowing and sometimes life-threatening experiences. I am certain that there is nobody more qualified through personal life experience and deeply immersive self-study to share tips that will help others find the physical and mental fortitude to do the same in their own respective lives."
Greg Long, 2x Big Wave World Champion
"As a waterman, Mark is unrivaled. When it comes to riding giant waves, diving deep, and hunting fish, he’s the total package—unique even among us."
Laird Hamilton

"The ocean is a lot bigger than you. You can't fight it. You will never win."

Get lifetime access to 20+ video lessons designed to strengthen your mindset and provide critical ocean knowledge and surf tips in Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water. "I am not going to let my mind go to places that allow me to start getting panicked," says Mark Healey. "I am going to pull it back in. Control what you can control. Master it. Own it." 
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What's included?

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Welcome to Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water
1 min
4 mins
Course Objectives
6 mins
Safety Disclaimer
1 min
Reading the Ocean
How to Read the Ocean
10 mins
How to Safely Return to Shore in Heavy Situations
11 mins
Big Wave Psychology
The Method Behind the Madness
5 mins
Managing Fear for Your Benefit
6 mins
How to Calculate Risk
8 mins
Breathwork Is Essential
20 mins
The Essential Guided Breath Warm-Up
10 mins
How I Improved My Tube-Riding Overnight
10 mins
Fitness and Food
Mark's Outlook on Fitness
4 mins
Mark's Outlook on Nutrition
4 mins
Injuries: Take Care of Them
2 mins
War Stories
"Biggest Puerto Escondido Ever"
8 mins
Nias: More Like a Natural Disaster Than a Swell
7 mins
Maverick's: Man Overboard!
6 mins
Todos Santos: "I Just Got Annhilated."
8 mins
Pipeline: One in a Million Wave
5 mins
When 100 Pesos Is a Gameplan
5 mins
Parting Thoughts
Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water Quiz
Parting Thoughts
1 min
Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water Pro Tips
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What students are saying...

"Thanks so much for the awesome course you guys have put together. Really priceless info for people that love to surf or just enjoy the water. Mark is such a legend and his passion really shows."
Jacob M.
"I’ve been surfing my whole life and just recently got into free diving this past year so this course was EXACTLY what I was looking for. Especially enjoyed the breath training as it can help me in my professional career too."
Allen P.


Who is this course for?

"To me this course is for everybody from a beginning surfer to a really advance surfer who wants to push into bigger surf," says Mark Healey. "It's all variations on a theme. You can take these lessons and apply them to a shoulder-high day if you're a beginner all the way to a 20-foot day if you're advanced and want to get into bigger surf. My goal is to give you the tools to be able to go on to to do this on your own."

What will I learn in this course?

In this course, iconic big wave surfer and waterman Mark Healey shares his lifetime of insights and expertise on: big wave psychology, managing fear, maintaining composure, calculating risk, reading the ocean, Mark's nutrition and fitness philosophy, how to safely return to shore when you're in over your head, game-changing tube-riding tips on your forehand and backhand, the importance of breathing and breathing warm-ups, and war stories from the field. The lessons are scalable and have application to any skill level – from beginners to experts. 

The course includes a downloadable .pdf so you can print it out, take notes, and bring Mark's main ideas with you and concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge.

What do I need for this course?

Just an internet connection. Per Mark's safety guidelines, you should always have a buddy and cushions present when engaging in Mark's breathing warm-up exercise. Last, you'll need a fistful of courage and commitment to push the envelope in the ocean – whatever that might mean for your skill level.

What doesn't the course cover?

This is not a breath holding course. You will not learn how to attain a five-minute breath hold. Mark covers the necessities of breathing and shares an essential breathing exercise, but he does not explicitly teach how how to achieve long breath holds.

In what currency is the price?

Prices are in USD.

How long do I have access to the course?

For life, brah. If you ever want to reference one of Mark's lessons, just fire it up!

What if I don't like it?

We really hope you love it! And we feel confident you will. There is no instructor on earth better qualified to teach you how to approach heavy surf than Mark Healey. And he's also highly entertaining in how he shares his knowledge. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds. If you’re on the fence, we strongly recommend that you watch the preview videos to get a sense of what the class is like before you buy.

About Mark Healey

A 17-time Eddie Invitee, Mark Healey is one of the most accomplished big-wave surfers and watermen on the planet. Mark competes on the WSL Big Wave World Tour and has won the Todos Big Wave Challenge, and several XXL Big Wave Awards. Mark is a world-class freediver, tags hammerhead sharks for science, and leads his personal adventure expedition service, Healey Water Ops. He lives in Haleiwa with his lady, their baby girl, and a friendly goat.