Kassia Meador's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course by Inspire Courses

Kassia Meador's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course

Learn the secret to hanging five, ten, heels, and developing your style from an icon of modern longboarding.

"Like getting a baseball lesson from Babe Ruth."

"In my book, she’s the best female longboarder of all time. Maybe it’s the never-ending smile mixed with laughter that is so intriguing. Getting surf advice from Kass is like getting a baseball lesson from Babe Ruth. She’s a Hall of Famer that has a bigger picture outlook on life. In another lifetime, I’d like to comeback as Kassia Meador: the Queen of Surf and most epic of humans."
Alex Gray, Pro Surfer

Learn the secret to hanging ten.

Hang five. Hang ten. Hang heels. Cross-step. Kassia breaks down the keys maneuvers. Style tips, too.


Who is this course for?

This course is for the surfer who wants to take their longboarding to the next level. You feel comfortable catching waves, getting into the lineup, and practicing proper surf etiquette, and now you'd like to refine your technique on the surfboard.

What will I learn in this course?

In this course, iconic longboarder Kassia Meador shares her lifetime of insights and expertise on: turning, bottom turns, cutbacks, cross-stepping, trim, hanging five, hanging heels, tubes, and style. When it comes to style, Kassia sets the standard, and she's excited to share her knowledge with you. The course concludes with a quiz to test your knowledge. But if you're hanging heels and getting barreled, it's safe to say you passed.

What do I need for this course?

Just an internet connection. You'll obviously need a board, leash, fins, and suit to really surf, but Kassia breaks down all the knowledge she can to make your journey as friction-free as possible.

What doesn't the intermediate to advanced course cover?

This course doesn't cover many of longboarding's basics, which are taught in the Fundamentals course. Kassia Meador's Longboarding Fundamentals course covers: Kassia's philosophy on surfing, which foot to lead with, the lineup and water safety, proper surf etiquette, board selection, fin selection, fin placement, wax, leashes, paddling out, the turtle roll, catching waves, and green waves.

How long do I have access to the course?

For life, brah. If you ever want to reference one of Kassia's lessons, just fire it up!

In what currency is the price?

Prices are in USD.

What if I don't like it?

We really hope you love it! And we feel confident you will. There is no better surf instructor on earth than Kassia. Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds. If you’re on the fence, we strongly recommend that you watch the preview videos to get a sense of what the class is like before you buy.

What students are saying.

"I’ve watched Kassia Meador’s tutorials, and it has helped improve my surfing within a week. I’m more confident and aware of where my body needs to be on the board and how to control my board on a wave. It feels amazing. I’m eager to rewatch it and keep pushing myself. Thank you for making these tutorials. I’m incredibly grateful for them." - Turquoise


"Kassia is one of my all-time favorite surfers, because she approaches a wave with her own style, and we've had so many rad sessions together all over the world. Kassia's stoke and generosity has always inspired me, and her surfing is a beautiful reflection of who she is."
Jen Smith, 2x World Longboard Champion
“There is no surfer who has had greater influence on my own surfing and life than Kassia Meador. Kassia’s surfing is what made me understand the meaning of style. She truly has paved the way for women’s long boarding and alternative craft riding. Her spirit is matched by her style. She’s one of a kind.”
Leah Dawson, Pro Surfer and Activist
"Kassia is one of the realest, kindest, and most talented, yet down-to-earth surf pros/surf instructors I have been fortunate to know! I attended her trip to Costa Rica and will attend her next trip to Nica. Once you meet and get the benefit of spending time in the water and on land with Kassia, you will be a supporter and fan for life.
Jennifer Noonan, LA County Lifeguard

What's included?

Video Icon 10 videos


A Glimpse Into Kassia's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course
2 mins
Welcome to Intermediate and Advanced
1 min
16. Turning
3 mins
17. Trim
4 mins
18. Cross-Stepping
5 mins
19. Hang Five
8 mins
20. Hang Ten
6 mins
21. Tubes
2 mins
22. Hang Heels
4 mins
Kassia's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course Quiz
2 mins

About Kassia Meador

Kassia Meador is synonymous with style and grace in modern longboarding. She has also revolutionized design for women's wetsuits through her brand Kassia+Surf. At 17 years old, Meador became one of the most recognizable faces of women’s surfing by joining the Roxy team. After more than a decade of representing their brand, she forged her own path – continuing to trailblaze as one of the world's most stylish and well-respected longboarders.