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Ocean Ramsey's Guide to Sharks and Safety

Learn essential shark behavior and safety tips to avoid adverse interactions from one of the world's leading shark experts.

Mark Healey's Guide to Heavy Water

Learn to push yourself, keep calm, and manage fear in heavy surf from one of the best big wave surfers on the planet.

Kassia Meador's Definitive Guide to Longboarding

The Definitive Guide to Longboarding taught by one of the most stylish and iconic surfers on earth.

Surf Style Training

Surf Style Training is a 12-week fitness program designed to improve and optimize your surf-specific fitness.

Tia Blanco's Guide to Surf Fitness and Nutrition

Learn professional surfer Tia Blanco's secrets to fitness, yoga, and plant-based nutrition to keep you healthy in and out of the ocean.

Kimi Werner's Guide to Self-Sufficient Cooking

World-class chef and champion spearfisher Kimi Werner shares a lifetime of knowledge and recipes for survivalist eating.

Kassia Meador's Intermediate to Advanced Longboarding Course

Longboarding icon Kassia Meador shares insight on advanced techniques only.

Kassia Meador's Longboarding Fundamentals

Kassia Meador details fundamental longboarding knowledge from etiquette to fin selection and placement.

Tia Blanco's Surf Fitness and Yoga Program

Learn elite professional surfer Tia Blanco's secrets to surf fitness, yoga, and flexibility.

2020 Surf Fitness Course Bundle

Want to get surf fit and hang ten this year? Look no further.

Tia Blanco's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition

Learn to prepare delicious plant-based meals and snacks as well as diet and nutrition essentials from vegan professional surfer Tia Blanco.

Free Preview: "That Day Changed My Life Forever"

When Kimi Werner exited the water, she felt like a new woman. She became a lioness with her catch.

Free Trial: Kassia Meador Teaches How To Wax Your Board

Kassia offers a free sample on an essential: wax. After all, no wax, no surf.

Free Trial: Kassia Meador Teaches Cross Stepping

There is no hang ten without a stylish cross step. Kassia shares her knowledge.

Try a Free Surf Style Training Workout

Want to sample the 12-week surf-specific fitness program? Try it now.


The Inertia's annual summit celebrating individuals making positive contributions to surf and outdoor culture.
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Have you reached a plateau in your surfing?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. It’s a common problem. Surfers develop bad habits they’re not aware of and make the same mistakes over and over again. The Art of Surfing coaching tutorials will identify common mistakes, along with concrete steps to improve.
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Get surf-fit in 12 weeks.

Training for surfers made by a surfer. Start this twelve-week program with workouts designed for paddle training, stretching, breath work, and more. 
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Learn Surf and Water Photography

Take your water photography skills to a professional level in this exhaustive course detailing light, lenses, style, and everything in between. 
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"Elise has an incredible understanding of what the body needs in order to function at its best for surfing. I highly recommend you check out her Surf Style Training program. I've used them myself, and it's definitely kept me in the water for longer." - Matt Scorringe, Founder, Art of Surfing
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Ocean Warrior Course

Prepare for heavy surf by following a proven step-by-step process to keep you calm and in control.
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Ocean Warrior Testimonials

"These tools shared by some of the world's best trainers gave me the confidence not only to survive a gnarly situation but potentially save someone else’s life."
Kai Lenny
"I really strongly believe that ANYBODY, not just surfers or beginners, but anybody who goes around the ocean should take this course."
Garrett Mcnamara
"Instantly, even after one session I feel a little bit of a confidence boost....I can already picture myself in situations and applying the confidence from one session."
Kelly Slater
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